DMCA takedown notice retracted

I’ve been in touch with the owner of, Sumer Kolcak, and we’ve decided to amicably resolve the differences between us.

Sumer has sent an email to MT telling them that he is withdrawing the DMCA takedown notice that he sent; I’ll preface my posts on this issue with a line stating that we’ve resolved our differences.

This is really good news, and a wonderful resolution to the somewhat stressful events of the past few days.

More info later …

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  • Glad to hear you’ve resolved the issue, John.

    If not, my plan was to repost excerpts from your posts before they got taken down (and link back to them of course) and try to get others to do likewise, thus thwarting the effectiveness of the notice and spreading more bad pub for Sumer.

    Still not liking the guy myself. Hope your amicable resolution of the problem doesn’t involve any compromise on your part.