Google finance doesn’t suck

I am not a finance wonk and never want to be.

Quarterly reports are excellent insomnia cures, budgets are boring, financial spreadsheets make my eyes spin. It’s just not my thing; my brain doesn’t work that way, and I have no interest in it.

But even finance dorks occasionally need stock quotes, and today I almost accidentally ran into Google Finance (beta, of course). I checked out my company, School Specialty, and really like the interface.

I never know the stock symbols, so being able to just type in the live search box and have matching companies appear is great. And the information when you get to a company home page perfect for my purposes: general overview of the company, and plenty more to dig deeper if you need to.

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  • Does kind of suck in my eyes, but only because the symbols I’m interested in don’t turn up anything on google. Too bad 🙁

    ie. Information on XIT on the TSE doesn’t appear to be available. Yahoo finance will for now remain my preference for this reason alone, as it gives me all the info I could want just fine: