You will be assimilated: Google buys Jotspot

The juggernaut continues: Jotspot is now owned by Google.


Purely from an individual perspective, this is really, really cool. Jotspot has been focused on building specialized wiki applications for specific purposes like wedding planning or class reunions. They were cool when they cost money, and they’ll be even better when they’re free, as the big G will undoubtedly make them.

(As stated in the FAQ, which was amusingly posted at the same time as the post on Google’s blog … before there was time for any questions to be asked, never mind frequently.)

As per usual Google acquisition strategy, Jotspot is now closed to further sign-ups until they migrate to Google’s platform.

Steve Rubel has his take (how will Google monetize?) and, of course, the Google blog has a post from Jotspot founder Joe Kraus.