Funky Chinese patois

You can’t make stuff this good up:

“Let the hackle zipper cut in the drailing wheel, then draught at full tilt to upgrade, let the drailing wheel tunning hight speed, at this time set the product to evenness floor to go speed run.”

Also notice, under the name of the toy: “Playing must on the smoothness floor.”

But don’t worry, the toy itself is great. After all, it’s part of a “toys series with a strong sense for playing.”

Ahhh … language. Babelfish has got to be better than whoever mangled this translation.


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  • Oh wow – I picked up this same toy in the dollar store JUST for the packaging! I’m writing an entry on this in my fourth-year grammar class. I’m so glad that someone else was as amused as I was. THIS is what we’re teaching our kids…so sad! I always thought that a parent’s worst nightmare would be the phrase “some assembly required,” but this is a whole new nightmare…