Flickr kinda flickring in and out

I recently purchased a pro account on Flickr, and I love it. Except …

Except when I can’t upload.

For some reason, some photos just won’t upload. They’re taken with the same camera, and they’re in the same photo management software (iPhoto) as dozens of others that worked, but these won’t upload.

You can try the iPhoto uploader or you can upload via Flickr’s web uploader: no dice. You can re-save them with Photoshop as fullsize JPEGs or re-save them as smaller images: no dice.

The worst part is the complete and utter lack of feedback: the upload just sits and sits and sits, spinning, switching. Red blue. Blue red. Red blue. Blue red …

Please, please, please at least time it out and tell me what’s wrong with the image – or Flickr.

[ update ]

I used the Flickr Uploadr and finally managed to get my Photoshop-saved JPEGs to upload. Whew!

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