FITNESS SF: from locked-down gyms to a sophisticated personalized video-based fitness app

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What do you do when your industry is turned upside down overnight? Don Dickerson, vice president of FITNESS SF, was confronted with this question when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and made physical gyms a no go for consumers. And like so many other brick and mortar businesses, FITNESS SF found the solution to this problem could be found in a full-featured mobile. Ultimately Dickerson was able to ensure business continuity and become COVID-ready with the help of a low-code app.

Tune in to the latest episode of Low Code Ninjas as we talk to Dickerson about how his team built 37,000 personalized gyms for 37,000 different people when COVID-19 hit. He says, “It wasn’t until we found our new partner, FollowAnalytics, that we were actually able to rapidly iterate, and I’m talking every night, you know, deliver new functionality and build a best-of-class product.” By using a low-code solution, FITNESS SF was able to get an app up and running quickly to keep customers engaged and help them weather the storm during quarantine. But it also allowed the company to stay flexible, adding new content and features to address changing customer needs.


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