Santa loves low code: why the holidays were make-it-or-break-it time for retailers

Welcome to the fourth episode of the Low-Code Ninjas Podcast!

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The holiday shopping season is quickly approaching, and retailers are wondering what to expect this year. What will Black Friday look like when people have to stay masked and six feet apart? According to research from Salesforce, the rate of online shopping will likely double, and much of that traffic will be mobile. In a recent episode of Low Code Ninjas, we talked to Sunil Rao, global head of consumer goods go-to-market at Salesforce, about the trends that will shape this holiday season, and how retailers and e-commerce brands will need to reimagine the buying experience and respond with a mobile-first experience.

In this episode, you will learn how brands like Burton are getting ready for a holiday season like no other, but accelerating digitization and making sure they drive experiences that reach customers on their preferred channels with the right messaging. Tune in to the latest episode of Low Code Ninjas to explore how “low-code deployment gives you agility.” And, in Sunil’s words, “It allows you to deploy tailored experiences for consumers at the right time and the right moment.” A capability that’s more important than ever before, as retailers and e-commerce brands prepare to adapt on the fly to an unprecedented shopping season.


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