Facebook ennui

Friends are great. Invites to events from friends are fine. Notifications that friends have updated photos or blogs are wonderful.

facebookBut, with apologies, since I turned 15 some time ago, I really don’t need invites to a million “likeness” quizzes based on movies I like or don’t like, personality tests based on chocolate flavors I prefer, fan clubs, “presents” that aren’t really presents and certainly can’t be unwrapped, and invites to be “best friends” with someone that I’m already “friends” with on Facebook.


Are we not satisfied with robbing children of childishness by incessantly driving adult tastes in everything to younger and younger ages, so that we must now also perform the inverse and infantalize ourselves with giggly fluffy pink nothings and superpokes and other such nonsense?

Social networking is cool and wonderful. It’s helped me reconnect with friends I’ve lost track of years ago.

But that doesn’t mean I want to act like a pubescent Japanese schoolgirl.


Since I’m already up in high dudgeon, here’s one more thing that bugs me. I’m not going to add 50 Facebook apps to my account every day, giving them and their creators access to any and all information about me.

So there. Bah. Humbug.

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  • Young Ebenezer, bite your tongue! Is your sense of self-importance so inflated you cannot indulge a few playful others?

    Is your time so valuable?

    Yes, it is, of course. Bah humbug, indeed! I seem to be in a perpetual mode of deconstruction, deactivation and denial.

    I’m deluged! But deluge is better than drought, eh?

    Happy 2008!