CSS Design

CSS design is driving me nuts.

I guess that’s mostly ’cause I don’t really get it yet – I cut my teeth on website design with tables, and while tables have their well-known limitations, it’s at least a technology I understand.

This site is built with CSS, not tables, and has a disgusting default layout, which I want to change, and will change (and, hopefully, by the time you read this, have changed), but I need a primer on CSS design bigtime.

I’m checking out and marveling at CSS Zen Garden, which is seems to be a mecca of CSS design, but I can’t say I really grok what’s going on there.

It’s even more infuriating because it’s not the tech per se that I get excited about – although I can get excited about tech for the sake of tech – it’s the things I think I can do with it.

Ahhh well … back to Amazon … time for some more reading!

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  • OK, it’s a couple weeks now after I initially got this up and running. I’ve changed the layout a bit, and even though I’m still not happy with it, at least it’s mine instead of some standard design.

    Expect more changes soon.