Blog as if your life depended on it? Whatever

So … Tom Peters isn’t blogging anymore?

Hugh over at Gaping Void points out that Tom, after recommending that people “blog as if their life depends on it,” isn’t blogging anymore.

Well, what a shock. Guess what: the web itself, and blogs in particular, are disruptive mediums. In other words, they’re tools that underdogs can use to gain a foothold. Sort of like a tailor from Savile Row. Or a disaffected adman from New York.

But Tom’s already at the top. He’s doesn’t have to claw and scratch and fight his way up. He’s got the books, the $20K, $50K, $75K speaking engagements.

What the heck does he need a blog for?


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  • Your point is well made.

    When you have more time than money, a blog is the easiest way to publicize yourself.

    When you have more money than time, like Tom Peters, there are tools that allow you to employ others to promote you effectively.

    On the other hand, when you are challenged by bloggers for what you have or haven’t done, you need full access to friendly media channels in order to defend yourself effectively.

    Blogs level the playing field for an underdog.