Anti-piracy pirates: MPAA

Saw this on Digg: the Motion Picture Association of America, who oppose movie piracy vigorously, are in essence pirating software.

I can’t find the original story back, but someone posted a screenshot of the violation. And I went and grabbed my own:


In essence, Stephen Griffin of coded a menuing system in Javascript, and released it to anyone on the web to use: with one proviso:

/** this script is free for any use, but please include **/
/** a link to in any redistribution **/
/** Author : Stephen Griffin, **/

That’s the license. That’s the terms under which you can use his software. And the link does not exist on the MPAA site.

So: what can you do?

Go to the MPAA piracy reporting site right now and report some piracy!

[ update January 18 ]

The MPAA has apparently added a thank-you note … but as boingboing notes, it was very recently added.