Announcing SLOB

In complete and slavish (but very flattering) imitation of Liz Straus’ SOB program, I am (somewhat) proudly announcing the SLOB top blogs awards: for startlingly loquacious & outstanding bloggers.

(Cue assorting clapping, cheering, plus a couple of boos from the peanut gallery.)

See the newly inaugurated SLOB hall of fame right here. (This being the first week of its existence, there are only 9 members. But I think you’ll agree they’re all very, very worthy members.)

9 Weekly SLOBs
In any case, every week from now until I get bored or completely fascinated by some shiny piece of scrap metal, I will pick 9 SLOBs … 9 startlingly loquacious & outstanding bloggers … and throw them on the SLOB page, errr, vote them into the SLOB hall of fame. That bestows upon these happy souls the much-coveted privilege of displaying the august and revered SLOB logo.

Becoming a SLOB
Do you want to be a SLOB? (But of course you do.) Simply email me and suck up (or down, as the case may be). I am bribable. Money is verboten, unless it’s really lots and lots and in small bills and untraceable. Links are best.

Here’s to SLOBs! May they live long and propser – I mean prosper.


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