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SLOB update

Quick update on SLOB: startingly loquacious and outstanding bloggers.

I just received a note from Timothy Johnson, who was inducted into the SLOB hall of fame just last week.

Thank you very much, John. It hit me today what a big deal being a SLOB is. My average page hits went from 20-40 to over 200. Thanks also for the kind words about the blog. I’ve really been enjoying it.

That is just great – I feel really privileged to be able to help kickstart great people’s great blogging efforts. I’m still looking for SLOBworthies for the coming week, so if you’re interested, check the hall of fame for details on how to let me know.

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Another week, another bunch of really poorly-dressed smelly messy people.

Yes, it’s the SLOB awards again! The SLOB hall of fame has inducted 9 deserving people as new members into the august and excellent status of SLOBdom: startlingly loquacious & outstanding bloggers.

Do check them out, will you? I did tell them they’d get at least one click for their cash. (Err … that is a joke.)

Once again, I give you:

The SLOB hall of fame.

. . .
. . .

Want to be a SLOB?
Yes, it’s unfortunately true that many are reviewed and few are chosen, but you can vastly improve your odds by sending me an email and letting me know that you too are SLOBworthy.

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Announcing SLOB

In complete and slavish (but very flattering) imitation of Liz Straus’ SOB program, I am (somewhat) proudly announcing the SLOB top blogs awards: for startlingly loquacious & outstanding bloggers.

(Cue assorting clapping, cheering, plus a couple of boos from the peanut gallery.)

See the newly inaugurated SLOB hall of fame right here. (This being the first week of its existence, there are only 9 members. But I think you’ll agree they’re all very, very worthy members.)

9 Weekly SLOBs
In any case, every week from now until I get bored or completely fascinated by some shiny piece of scrap metal, I will pick 9 SLOBs … 9 startlingly loquacious & outstanding bloggers … and throw them on the SLOB page, errr, vote them into the SLOB hall of fame. That bestows upon these happy souls the much-coveted privilege of displaying the august and revered SLOB logo.

Becoming a SLOB
Do you want to be a SLOB? (But of course you do.) Simply email me and suck up (or down, as the case may be). I am bribable. Money is verboten, unless it’s really lots and lots and in small bills and untraceable. Links are best.

Here’s to SLOBs! May they live long and propser – I mean prosper.


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