AdSense CPM: $3-4

I had never believed it, but you can easily make $3-4 per thousand pageviews with AdSense.

My thinking only a few months ago was that at best, advertising could give you about $1 CPM. Not so. My CPM this month is almost $2, and spiking on certain days and for certain articles well into the $5-6 CPM range.

I suspect a site like PlentyofFish would be even higher. It obviously makes a ton of money

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  • Actually, I can beat that… In mid-2004 I put ads on a site that had been sitting for a while. I haven’t touched the site since.

    Since then, I’ve had 32,153 clicks with a CTR of 19.97% and Effective CPM of $22.94

    It continues to generate clicks and revenue every day. Not huge money, but pays the server bills anyways. Guess you just get lucky with some sites 🙂