World Cup of Hockey: Canada Wins, the Trophy is Very Ugly

Wow. Excellent, wonderful, great, happiness, joy, peace, and light.

Canada won the World Cup of Hockey, everything is well with the world (for one night) and Canada is celebrating one more confirmation that hockey speaks Canadian.

But isn’t that trophy butt-ugly?

If the NHL and World Cup of Hockey don’t change anything and allow external sites to link to their images, here it is:

It’s designed by Frank Gehry, a Canadian-born expat living and practicing a very successful architecture career in LA. (How very NHL of him.)

He has designed absolutely fabulous – no exageration – architecture around the world. Examples include the Guggenheim Bilbao, the Experience Music Project in Seattle, and numerous others.

But this odd-shaped partially-translucent overweight uninspiring vase is not one of his signal accomplishments.

In a world: blah.

Another? Yuck.

And that’s my scientific, highly aesthetically informed analysis.

Notes for posterity on this edition of Team Canada. They never lost a game, and never trailed in a game. Wow!

Further note: if we don’t win against Russia, it’s not half as sweet.

Final note (to CBC): it’s not Bow-mee-ster; it’s Bow-my-ster. It’s a Dutch last name, and Wayne Gretzky got it right in the post-game interview.

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