Jumping on the Firefox Bandwagon

Mozilla, the organization that builds the open-source web browser Firefox, is having a download-fest, trying to get 1 million downloads in the next ten days.

It’s the best browser for Windows, Linux, and for some, Mac OS X as well.

Get it here.

If you don’t know why, here’s why:

  • tabbed browsing
  • pop-up blocking (can you imagine people actually paying for this?!?)
  • security, security, security (Explorer is a powder keg on your desktop)
  • Google search built-in
  • faster
  • cleaner look and feel
  • smaller, leaner, and still better than IE

Get it here.

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  • I can appreciate your firefox enthusiasm. after being an opera user for years and enjoying the same-and more- features of firefox I can see why so many have made the switch from IE. I even ran firefox alongside my opera until build 1.5 and it’s buggy issues was released.
    I support open-source, but in this instance it has turned into an uncontrollable dog run amok. go with opera-same features AND faster than Fx.