Why is the Flock browser not growing?

Here’s the number of posts tagged with “Flock” on Technorati for the past 90 days:


The 180-day chart looks even worse:


A spike is inevitable after a Techcrunch story (the June 13 Techcrunch post announcing Flock’s public beta is that big spike), so that’s a little misleading. Still, you would expect some increase if more and more people started using Flock. Does this mean Flock is not growing? It seems likely.

But it’s hard to verify, since Flock doesn’t even appear on most browser stats lists. I’m not sure if that’s because it reports itself as Firefox/Mozilla, or if it just isn’t well-used enough. There certainly aren’t a ton of bookmarks on del.ici.us tagged with Flock.


A couple of guesses:

  • too many browsers out there already
  • “alternative techstyle” people on PC go with Firefox
  • “alternative techstyle” people on Mac go with Safari
  • Flock has far fewer extensions than Firefox
  • lack of knowledge about Flock
  • Flock is slower than Firefox

Am I wrong? I hope so – I love Flock and find it saves me a ton of time. Let me know.

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  • Well, user growth has been quite good since our beta 1 release in June, so the Technorati numbers don’t really reflect our progress. My guess is that the number of tags for Flock has remained constant for a combination of reasons:

    * Flock got a lot of hype before it was ready, which gave some bloggers the idea that we were not blogworthy
    * We’ve reached out to people who are social on the web but not “Web 2.0” savvy, many of whom are probably less familiar with the folksonomy of tagging or not even bloggers at all.

    Of course, I’d always love to see more people blogging and talking about Flock. A lot of our new users come from word of mouth referrals, and we really take community feedback seriously.

    As for the browser stats, my understanding is that Flock doesn’t show up in a lot of them because they simply read the first part of the user agent and ignore the rest. I’d love to get confirmation of that from the major browser stats providers, and ideally get them to start counting Flock as its own browser.

    For instance, mine is “Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061031 Firefox/ Flock/0.7.7”


    Will Pate
    Community Ambassador, Flock