Blogtipping tip of the hat

Thanks to starbucker of Ramblings from a Glass Half Full for a blogtip the other day.

The positive he found in bizhack:

  • John Koetsier is a “social media marketing zealot” who’s blog certainly lives up to that billing
  • Looking for “cut to the core” insightful reading about the state of our wacky internet and all the technology and applications that orbit around it? This is the place
  • He can be darn funny while doing that cutting to the core.

Aww, shucks.

Something to improve on:

How about a bit more about what makes you tick? I’m interested.

Personal details? Do you want all readers to run screaming in panic? That’s what my personal and family blog is for. (And yes, it has the same effect on them.)

OK, seriously: good idea. Thanks for the tip … I’ll be looking for ways to make this ostensibly social space more personal. After all, being personal is kind of a prerequisite for being social, isn’t it?

Now where did I put that blog post about toenail clippings? Gotta be around here somewhere.

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