Naked Conversations: could use a bit more sizzle

Just finished Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s Naked Conversations, about 3-4 months after starting it.

I found the book vaguely flat. Pretty tame and corporate, compared to the excitement and vibrancy of Scoble’s usual writing – his blog writing. Is it Shel that’s the difference? Or is it just the media, the form factor … the fact that this is a book, not a blog?

Maybe it’s just that the book is aging in a fast-paced environment. Or maybe Scoble and Israel felt the need to be extra-professional in a book about a then-and-still wild-west medium.

In any case: good, but a little boring.

The most likely reason: I’m in this social media blogging podcasting screencasting world every day … so it’s just not as new to me. The book is probably just what the doctor ordered for a little more of a newbie-ish audience.

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