What’s on iTV: Google, YouTube, iFilm, Metacafe …

Marshall Kirkpatrick on TechCrunch is reporting an Engadget story that Apple and Google may be snuggling up with a movie. (Apple, of course, had just pre-announced it’s iTV streaming-media-from-the-web-to-your-TV product.)

OK, I think I just found a reason to buy one.

Add to this all the other video aggregators and purveyors – or at least a significant chunk of them – and you have something very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

All that user-generated content and all that “DRM-optional” content on:

can now stream easily, beautifully, and cheaply into living rooms all over the world. Out of the home office/kitchen/bedroom ghetto at last.

I smell a monetization opportunity – an amateur hour monetization opportunity. Don’t you?

I’ll bring the popcorn.

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