Pope, Islam, violence

Recent history:

  1. Pope says Islam is violent
  2. Islamics react with violence
  3. Pope apologizes

It was not smart of the Pope to quote that 14th century sentence about Islam and violence. But it’s hard to argue that Islam is a religion of non-violence if, every time Islamics are offended, they react with violence.

Here’s a very good summing-up of the issue.

What gets me is how Islamic extremists think that murdering an old woman by shooting her in the back – a nun who has spent decades healing those in need – advances their cause in any way. And I wonder how they can live with themselves. Pathetic. Despicable. Evil.

Some other thoughts about this issue:

Either we get real about this and stop being afraid to speak the truth, or we will already have lost.

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  • “every time Islamics are offended, they react with violence”

    This is a gross generalization. You have to stop equating Islam with certain violent factions in Islam.

  • What I want to know is….why…when these things happen, the self-stating pacifistic muslims in this country, or elsewhere for that matter, don’t speak up against that violence themselves.

    It absolutely astounds me that we don’t have an IMAM every single night on CNN or MSNBC ( c’mon K.O. you can share some of that spotlight with an IMAM for 2 minutes ) just going on a spankdown rant about all the violence being perpetrated in the name of their beloved peace-espousing view of Islam.

    It just doesn’t make sense. It’s not that people wouldn’t get it, it’s that the media doesn’t want to sell it.

  • That’s what bothers me. There is a silent majority among them willing to let evil transpire. They are complicit.

    This is not a gross generalization as we can plainly see from their mass demonstratoins that there are thousands upon thousands of them whipped up into an insane rage of burning and marching. It is not constuctive nor peaceful to burn the pope in effigy. It is the manifestation of the barbarian undercurrent in that society.

    When I see Muslims speaking up against this violence en masse, and a majority of Muslims discussing rather than burning people in effigy, then I will be convinced otherwise. For now, it is a religion of barbaric violence, with some hiding behind the Taqiyya.

  • Please.

    I was baptised a Christian. Most of my fellow citizens are Christians. I am also a democrat and a strong believer in freedom. By denominaton, or whatever you wish to call it, I am firmly in George W. Bush’s camp.

    I have watched him and his father commision or at least indirectly cause the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi citizens, many in the military, many of them innocent children deprived of the basic resources required for survival. These deeds were committed, if not in the name of Christianity – Bush is smart enough to leave that open – then in the name of democracy and freedom. As I said, I strongly believe in democracy and freedom. Did I support him or his father? Never! On the contrary, I think he’s a stupid cowboy who should go back to his stupid oil wells and leave civilization alone, instead of fucking it up beyonf repair. What did the majority of my fellow Europeans, and a good deal of Americans, think of these acts? Exactly the same way I do! Are we on national television decrying the shame that Bush is bringing over us?

    Well, I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know that I never bothered to make my views public. So why do you expect a Muslim to act any differently?

  • Hei Reineir, living in Muslim land will teach you about Islam. You haven taste suffering, just like us, Christian. The only person that can will stand Islam is George Bush and Isreal. I know that Mr Bush have no intention of killing innocent people. Don tell me if there is a war, nobody died. He had warn Saddam Hussein to give up and surrender. He does not. Instead, he and his armies hide among civilian. It a war zone, civilian must leave. They don. Rather they keep on shouting in support of the regime. What an ethic of war. Find in the Quran, no ethic of war. Violence and revenge and hatred. Agenda: Rules the world. Sudmit to Islam or be killed. Read the Quran my friend.

  • If people call you loud, respond by shouting….

    I don’t normally do a lot of posts on current stuff, but I thought this was worth mentioning. The Pope came out and quoted an old 14th century text stating how the Islam’s could be seen as violent. In response to these allegations, Islam…

  • jegen ,
    First “Sudmit to Islam or be killed” it’s not in Quran ..
    Read the Bible my friend and don’t call the islam violence again
    (Matthew 10 – 34)
    “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

    I can debate with anyone till next year that islam it’s not violence, with bible and quran and history too.

  • Muslim: with reference to “I came not to send peace, but a sword,” that’s obviously metaphor, if you read the context.

    Also think: “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,” and the fact that Jesus told his disciples to turn the other cheek when someone hit them on one side of the face … and the fact that, when Peter sliced off an ear of one of the soldiers who came to arrest Jesus, He stopped Peter and healed the man’s ear.