WestJet: Massive customer service fail

WestJet is having HUGE issues right now with a reservations system conversion … which means that it has been extremely hard to book a flight with them for at least 3 days.

I just posted this to their customer feedback form:

  1. I cannot book online because I’m doing a round-trip to Calgary on the same day, and the site does not give me options to leave from Abbotsford in the AM and return from CGY in the PM.
  2. I had to make separate 1-way reservations to do the above.
  3. I have to re-login every other page.
  4. The site said it would cancel my reservation if I did not call in within 1 hour – I guess you’re having some issues. I spent over an hour on hold yesterday trying to call in. No answer!
  5. This morning I’m calling – on hold now for 15 minutes. No telling me how many are on hold, how many agents, what order I’m in, or anything like that. Horrible user experience!
  6. And, on your site, my reservations now say “canceled.”

To put it mildly, I am not a happy camper. This is a textbook lesson in how NOT to serve clients.

For the flights I’m trying to book, WestJet is the most convenient. But too much more of this and the convenience of the flights will be vastly outweighed by the inconvenience of doing business with a company that can’t book business!


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  • I can’t believe you’re still giving them your business 12 hours later. I’d consider trying someone else if they still can’t serve you properly the next day.

  • Just to let you know you are not alone. I have been calling WestJet every day since the 16th of November trying to cancel a flight booked for the 15th of December. I have tried at all hours of the day and each time I have waited hours on the phone. I tried to find a customer service website, none listed anywhere. Am at a loss as to where to turn next.

  • Yup, I am still on hold while I am typing this entry. That is very upsetting given that I thought that WestJet’s customer was better than AC… oh well….!

  • been trying to cancel a flight as well… tried several days at different times… still on hold. I understand it’s a busy time of year, but shouldn’t they be prepared for that?

  • One of my favorite customer service quotes is “Being on par in terms of price and quality only gets you into the game. Service wins the game.” -TONY ALESSANDRA