I'm not in sales, but …

Everything is sales.

When you’re telling your boss what you think should be done, you’re selling. When you’re explaining to your spouse what big-ticket item you want to buy, you’re selling. And when you’re talking to a client and negotiating new features, you’re selling.

So, don’t you want to be good at it? I do, and this article is good enough and a big enough help that I wanted to remember it by posting the key points here:

8 Sales Questions You Can’t Live (and Sell) Without!

  1. The Who Question
    Who’s deciding?

  2. The When Question
    When are you deciding?

  3. The Scenario Question
    Find the needs

  4. The Net Impact Question
    Understand the impact of the needs

  5. The Explain Question
    Get input

  6. The Make Sense Question
    Get feedback

  7. The Removal Question
    Trial close

  8. The Try Question

There’s a lot here, and some of it I’m not sure how I’ll use. But I love (and use) the “make sense” question a lot, especially since I’m often working with people whose native language is not English. And many of the others are great tips.

If you have five minutes, I highly recommend checking out the entire article.


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