To everyone who is nuts about FourSquare

FourSquare is an up-and-coming social web app that provides context to place and people, allowing you to:

  1. Find your friends
  2. Get points and badges
  3. Discover cool things to do

To all those who are endlessly plugging it – many people in the web2.0, social media sphere – I have a few questions:

  1. Do you have a regular 9-5ish job?
  2. Do you have a spouse?
  3. Do you have children?

If the answer is no to all three questions, I understand your passion for FourSquare. Your life probably revolves around your circle of friends, what you’re doing tonight, where you’re going to eat, and who is going to be with you. You’re probably also in your 20s or early 30s. You are a grown-up teenager.

But for many more people, the answer to those three questions is yes. And for those, I think FourSquare is just not that interesting. The first (and probably most important) use of FourSquare – finding where your friends are – is just not as relevant. For these people, they’re busy, they’re eating at home with spouses and kids, they’re taking kids to lessons and practices, etc.

As for the second use – points and badges – umm … are we in grade school again? Get real, buy yourself a used Tamagotchi.

The most realistic use I can see is the discovery feature: what people have done that is cool and interesting and unique … and you want to do it on the weekend.

Am I wrong? Go ahead, flame me.

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  • This is a dilemma that’s existed since blogging days: lack of time. The only solution the social networking websites have been able to pull up is making the network go with you on your phone, which means it eats more time.

    Honestly, I think it comes down to just picking _one_ place, maybe a place that will sync all your other “places,” setting yourself up so you get into a routine of updating that, and go with that. Anything more (looking at you, Facebook) and it gets intense.
    .-= Jacob Godserv´s last blog ..Syncing Bash History Between Shells =-.

  • Good points, Jacob.

    What I’m trying to particularly say is not only that a certain demographic doesn’t have time to update their virtual world … they actually live in a different physical world with less time to do the sort of things that FourSquare is optimized for.

  • I agree. Mostly. I’m one of those guys in the ‘social media sphere’ that was really excited about FourSquare coming to my city. But I also do have a job, spouse and children. I also do not spend all my time partying with my friends downtown. So I did not end up having much use for it.

    However I do appreciate what foursquare does and see it as a stepping stone to future geo location based games and social apps. It sparked off a whole slew of ideas for me.
    .-= Ryan Dempsey´s last blog ..Thoughts On Blog Topics and Post Frequency =-.