Savages with machine guns

OK, so I called my father a savage today. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

He called with a computer problem: he’s trying to install some application on his PC. Problem: he’s completely clueless about computers. So I’m doing the familiar dance … what happened, what does it look like, what do you seen on your screen.

Seems to me that the application might actually be installed – he just doesn’t know it.

So I ask him to search in his Programs folder. Doesn’t ring a bell. Open up his computer’s hard drive. No response. Doubleclick the icon where all his files are. Nope.

That’s when I called him a savage. Actually it was more of an analogy. I compared him to a savage with a machine gun … as likely to be looking down the barrel when pulling the trigger as aiming anywhere else.

Not knowing anything about how computers work – even the slightest bit – is becoming more and more of a handicap.

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