Want to book me for an event? Some details …

Well, thanks! I’m flattered. Let me share a few things with you …

  1. I speak, moderate, sit on a panel, or do a fireside chat at events about 20-30 times a year.
  2. I moderate or MC a few every year.
  3. When I speak at your event, I do ask that all expenses be covered. I’m not a prima donna, though.
  4. When attending an event, there is no guarantee of news coverage. If I see something interesting in my areas, I cover it. But there’s no pay-for-play.
  5. For speaking that requires significant preparation, I typically charge $5,000 US. For smaller organizations that do not have any budget, and whose mission and values resonate with mine, I may choose to waive all or part of this.
  6. Here’s where I’ve spoken in the past and where I’ll be speaking in the near future.
  7. Here are the videos, bio, and pic that you need.

OK! So you still want to book me? Great … let’s chat: