A semi-exhaustive list of where/when I’ve spoken …

I like to keep a running record of the conferences that I’ve spoken at. Here’s the list since I started keeping track, probably two years ago. Since I started this as a future-focused list … some of the old stuff is written as if it’s still about to happen 🙂



  • January 2, Mobile Groove Podcast
    Super-happy to join the amazing Peggy Anne Salz to talk about brands moving from tracking (adtech) to trust (smart matter/wearables/smarthome/IoT)
  • January 28-39, San Francisco: Singular
    RKO: speaking about comms, insights, and PR
  • February 13-14, San Francisco: Mobile Growth Summit
    I’ll be MC’ing day one of Mobile Growth Summit
  • February 27-28, Denmark: Schunk Expert Days
    I’ll be speaking about robotics and automation. Title: Insights from the future: the end of work and the next big job
  • March 3-5, Slovenia: City as a Lab Summit
    I’ll be moderating panels and interviewing major automotive brands on-stage about self-driving cars and other autonomous tech.
  • May 13, Las Vegas: Adobe’s Magento Imagine conference
    I’m moderating a session with AdWeek execs on ‘The 12 Rules Of Brand Digital Commerce.”
  • June 4, Napa, California: Singular’s UNIFY conference
    I’m MC’ing the conference and moderating a panel on marketing science.
  • June 17-19, Chicago: Salesforce’s Connections
    I’ll be hosting a fireside chat on the massive changes impacting mobility (the transportation kind) and mobility (the hold-in-your-hand kind).
  • August 7-8, Vancouver: Traction Conference
    I’ll be moderating two sessions at Traction again this year: one with the CTO of Red Hat, Chris Wright, and another with the president of Kabbage, Kathryn Petralia.
  • September 25-27, Barcelona: 10 for 10
  • October 3-4, San Francisco: BoxWorks 2019
  • November 17, Bermuda: Tech Beach Retreat
    Interviewed the Premier of Bermuda on-stage …
  • December 4-5, Jamaica: Tech Beach Retreat

Speaking engagements in 2018:

  • April 5-6, Vancouver: CIMC
    A fireside chat with Microsoft Canada CMO Katia Houbiguian.
  • April 23-24, Moscow: Skolkovo Robotics Forum 2018
    Keynoted on “smart matter.”
  • May 14-15, Edmonton: Control, by the Canadian Cloud Council
    I will be interviewing Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec on-stage as well as moderating a panel.
  • May 17-19, Kingston, Jamaica: Visionaries Summit: Inclusive Capitalism
    I’ll be moderating a panel and reporting on the summit.
  • June 12-14, Chicago: Salesforce Connections
    I will be moderating a panel on values, brands, and how values marketing is resonating with audiences and customers.
  • July 19-20, Seattle: Postback
    It’s the mobile event of the summer! I’ll definitely be speaking, possibly moderating, and maybe MCing … as I did the past two years.
  • July 31, San Francisco: APIdays SF
    We’ll be talking about identity in an API world … a very relevant topic given our collective recent focus on privacy. I’ll be moderating the conference.
  • August 22, San Francisco: Transform
    I’ll be on a panel about AI and advertising.
  • September 26, Vancouver, LeaderLounge
    I’ll be speaking on leadership lessons, marketing challenges and career development.
  • October 23-24, Toronto, Achievers Customer Experience
    Will be judging the competition.
  • November 2, Salt Lake City, Adobe Analytics Challenge
    Will be judging the competition.
  • November 28, Vancouver, Prospera Leadership Forum
    Will be delivering a workshop on innovation and the future.
  • November 29-30, Jamaica, Tech Beach Retreat
    Will be moderating an AR/VR panel and speaking on digital marketing
  • December 11-12, Paris, APIdays Global
    Will be MC’ing a 2000-attendee conference

Speaking engagements in 2017:

  • February 27-29, San Diego: LSA17: Local Search Association
    I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Local Search Association in San Diego. Topic: Who owns the last mile, and I’ll has the happy task of telling local search pros that Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana just might be killing them.
  • March 16, Los Angeles: LA Influencer Event
    I’ll be moderating a discussion influencer marketing and mobile. See the livestream of the event here.
  • April 19-20: App Masters
    Will be sharing some very cool and very recent data on app store optimization, mobile ad fraud, and maybe even the impact of mobile on enterprise company valuations.
  • May 4: Mobile Presence
    Will be appearing on Peggy Anne Salz’ podcast. She’s the founder and CEO of Mobile Groove, a mobile and marketing-focused research and consulting firm.
  • May 7-9, Edmonton: Substance
    Will be interviewing the mayor of Edmonton, the CIO of City of Palo Alto, and the CEO of Citrix in the opening panel of the conference.
  • May 10-12, San Diego: Gartner Digital Media Conference
  • May 31-June 1: Traction Conference in Vancouver
    Will be moderating a panel.
  • July 5-7, secret location, AppLift conference
    Will be speaking on the future of app marketing and doing a panel on ad fraud
  • July 11, San Francisco, IOT Revolution Summit
    Keynoting and MC’ing
  • July 12, San Francisco, MobileBeat 2017
    Moderating a panel on AI and travel
  • July 19-21, Seattle: Postback 17 (use code FriendofJohn20 to get 20% off your ticket!)
    MCing TUNE’s mobile event of the summer. Join me!
  • August 1: Casual Connect Seattle
    Participating on a panel: “Monetizing your App with Mobile’s Most Powerful Ad Format”
  • September 13: App Valley (San Francisco)
    MCing the event, and keynoting on “Apps in Ten: Games, Vision, Intelligence”
  • September 14-15: Waterloo Innovation Summit
    I blogged the event as well as interviewed Tesla CTO JB Straubel and other luminaries, such as Amber Case, Melissa Hathaway, and Kik CEO Ted Livingstone on-camera for the event organizers.
  • November 6-10: Web Summit
    Covered the event.
  • November 30, Jamaica: TechBeach Retreat
    I spoke on an AR/VR panel.
  • February 7-8, San Francisco: Mobile Growth Summit
    I’ll be speaking on a panel about augmented reality.
  • February 13, San Francisco: Read-Write VIP dinners
    I will be hosting and facilitating several VIP dinners and events for Read-Write.
  • February 22, Kiev: The Elevate Conference
    Will be speaking at the event on how journalists choose their stories.

In addition, conferences that I have spoken before 2017 include:

  • LSA17
  • GamesBeat
  • MobileBeat
  • Mobile Summit
  • CMO Summit
  • Local Search Association
  • Mobile Marketing Association
  • CES
  • AdTech NY
  • AdWeek NYC
  • Postback
  • Interzone Vancouver
  • Meltwater event
  • Socialbakers
  • Mobile Marketing Roadshow
  • Grow Conference
  • GrowthBeat
  • FounderFuel
  • ZendCon