Unbelievable iPhone Numbers

Read this slowly:

But late last year, he crunched the numbers and came to a shocking conclusion: that the 13 million owners of iPhone owners had already downloaded as much software as—are you sitting down—1.1 billion other cell-phone owners.

The “he” is Jeff Holden, an Amazon alumnus, and founder of Pelago, a mobile applications development company. The quote is in a BusinessWeek article announcing that iPhone users have downloaded 500 million apps from Apple’s App Store.

Think about that: 13 million iPhone users … more software than 1.1 billion other cell phone users.

If anyone thinks that the game has not changed, they are deluding themselves.

If anyone thinks that there’s nothing all the special about the iPhone, they’re delusional.

If anyone thinks that all the iPhone excitement is just hype, they’re not living in this world.

This is simply amazing. And the reason is: a device that works, a device that is friendly, a device that is usable, a device that invites use.

More on that last though later … as my wife just got her first cell phone: an iPhone.


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