5 Years of WordPress Hits SlideShare Home Page


The slide I recently put together of 5 years of Add New Post in WordPress (from Ozh’s blog) hit the home page on SlideShare:


Very cool.

(I wish I had grabbed a screen image while it was the first one, but hey … you have to sleep. By the time I grabbed it this morning it was way down low, and I was forced to stitch a couple of screenshots together. Hence the double scroll bar!)

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  • Hola , I agree with this article, just sometimes I read so fast everything and I miss things that after read them again, I can understand it better.. ;). Your rs of WordPress Hits SlideShare Home Page : sparkplug 9 : john koetsier on technology & social media Blog Stumbled up and Bookmarked, so I keep updated on every article you write from now now on .

  • А Вы не задумывались о том, чтобы параллельно завести еще один блог, на смежную тему? У Вас неплохо получается