Thanks for nothing

Update: see comments. Zinio is actually being pretty good about this.

I’m trying out Zinio, the digital magazine reader.

When you download their software for the first time, get a free issue of a magazine. I happened to choose BusinessWeek.

But the edition is not this week’s …. it’s June 2008’s.


Gee, thanks.


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  • Hi. I am David Cobb. I work in the eCommerce area of Zinio and saw your blog posting. Thank you so much for pointing this issue out. Many of our publisher partners at Zinio enable us to offer a free digital edition so readers can experience what it would be like to read their magazines in a Zinio format. As you can imagine, we are often restricted from offering the most current version, but we do try to offer something recent and you should not have been offered an issue from June of 2008.

    If you email me at I will make sure you receive a more recent version. I hope that you will give us a second chance and that you are enjoying reading digitally.

  • Thanks!

    First of all, glad to hear someone’s listening – good sign for Zinio.

    Secondly, I just got a second issue of BW (oddly) in your reader software.

    ‘Preciate it!