Twitter lesson #1: don't do this

Just like launching your website or start-up too early, being too eager to be a big swinging you-know-what on Twitter can be a fatal flaw.

Check out this Twitter account that I was invited to follow yesterday:

In brief:
Following: 584
Updates: 2

There’s an obvious discrepancy here. When you follow someone on Twitter, they are likely going to take a look at your past tweets to see if you might be someone they want to follow. If you have no history, people have no data. And what happens in the absence of data? You guessed it – not much at all.

So in other words, by “launching” too early … drawing attention to yourself by following people … you’ve done yourself a disservice.

Do yourself a favor instead. Learn Twitter (or any other social application you’re testing), develop some history, put out some data … and then start following people.

The unfortunate part is that this looks like a legit person or organization (unlike the vast proliferation of spam get-rich-quick accounts on Twitter lately) but they will not get the consideration they might deserve, simply because of a bit of over-eagerness.

Walk, then run.

. . .
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On Twitter? So am I.