Trashing 80,000 files

Since we got our new iMac a couple of days ago, I’ve been cleaning up the old candy-drop iMac for a kid’s CD-ROM machine.

Since we have literally dozens of Mac OS 8/9 kids CD-ROMs, I decided to take OS X off the machine – slow as a dog on that ancient hardware anyways – and get a taste of history.

Whoa – it’s very wierd to go back to OS 9. Everything looks a little clunky. On the other hand, the G3 233 MHz chip just screams in OS 9. What a difference.

In any case, I trashed literally over 80,000 items in a couple of steps (it took something like half an hour) to free up space. Here’s 50 or so thousand of them …

trashing 80,000 files