‘TechFirst with John Koetsier’ podcast cracks the top 50 tech podcasts in USA

TechFirst with John Koetsier podcast top 100 USA

Update October 13: hit #35

TechFirst has hit #35 in the U.S. for tech podcasts. I have some work to do to get it consistently and regularly in the top 50, and of course then above that … but hitting #35 is a major accomplishment.

top 50 podcast usa

Update September 7: now #63!

techfirst podcast top 100

Super-pumped to report that TechFirst with John Koetsier has now cracked the top 100 for tech podcasts in the USA!

It’s not where I want it to be yet, and there’s a lot of work — and chart-climbing — to go still, but I just have to take a few minutes to take a breath, appreciate it, and be thankful. I’m thankful for all of our guests. I’m thankful for every person who took a minute to hit Subscribe on their favorite podcasting platform or on my YouTube channel, where I live-stream most of my podcasts in video.

We’re now about 60-70 episodes in, and it’s been such a rewarding journey.

It’s been tough at times. I was a complete novice and idiot at first. My first podcasts were horrible, with bad sound. My first video podcasts were horrible too, with poor quality video. I would like to think my technique has improved over time, but I know there’s a long way to go. I generally like to plan out and share my questions in advance, but sometimes the best stuff happens when a guest and I improvise and just play jazz together, and I need to trust that more.

Figuring out the right tech was not easy, but I love my Rode Podcaster and my Marantz videocamera now.

In addition to TechFirst guests, I have to thank a few people:

  • Teresa Koetsier (my wife): manages creating full transcripts for all our podcasts. She’s amazing.
  • Aidan Koetsier (my son): built my video/audio intro. He’s been a huge help.
  • Peggy Anne Salz: a business partner, and inspiration.
  • Michael O’Neal: inspiration, and insight into what could work and not work.
  • Facebook friends, including Kent Middlemiss, who gave advice on naming and branding

Thanks all, and if you haven’t already … subscribe 🙂