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Most who regularly visit this site know what SOPA & PIPA are. If you don’t, watch this:

It’s not just a US issue … if your blog, for instance, or mine, was accused of housing or linking to infringing content, you (or I) could lose all our US readership. Even though you may not blog, some of your favorite news sources might become suddenly unavailable, either because you can’t access them (if you’re in the US), or because without a US audience, they can’t support themselves anymore.


The potential for abuse is horrendous. Worse, the simple use of PIPA and SOPA as designed would be horrendous.

I don’t believe in piracy. I don’t believe in stealing. I don’t believe in taking what is not mine.

But I’m much more prepared to have a society in which a bit of that occurs, than to live in a police state. Or, since I’m a Canadian, next to a police state.

Of course, in some ways, perhaps I already do.

Business Software Alliance: win the battle, lose the war

Chinook school district in southern Saskatchewan just doled out $200K worth of payola to the Business Software Alliance.

The problem? Some drafting software that was accidentally copied on to all computers in a lab during an upgrade.

The BSA came calling – rather like the RIAA – and demanded more than twice the MSRP … almost $650,000. It’s almost like the local “business protection association” run by burly men with bent noses and Italian accents.

But here’s the kicker:

Because the incident was not a budgeted item, the school division has to identify areas of cost savings in its system. In particular, Choo-Foo said the division is looking at some of its licensing agreements. “We’re moving more into the direction of freeware and shareware that’s available, and finding products that still meet our needs.”

The BSA won this battle. But it’s likely going to lose the war …