Starseeker chair

Whoa. Very, very, very cool – a rotating chair that holds your binoculars and tilts back so you can stargaze in comfort.

I saw it first here, and there’s more info at the manufacturer’s site.

From that site:

  • Comfortable: A reclining chair supports your entire body
  • Fun: Counterweighted mounting bar holds your choice of binoculars
  • Simple: Convenient joystick gives instant control of speed and direction
  • Precise: Built-in green laser lets you quickly select and view any object
  • Rugged: Base is made of case aluminum and rotates on Teflon® bearings
  • Portable: Carry it anywhere — Covenient setup requires no tools

(By the way, I noticed that the company that makes this also makes a very cool laser that would be great as a star-pointer.)