Sir Ken Robinson on creativity

If you have any interest in creativity, or kids, or education, you must, must, must watch this presentation by Sir Ken Robinson at TED, a extremely high-priced conference on Technology, Entertainment, and Design, among other things. He’s the author of Out of our Minds: Learning to be Creative.

Some quotes from him talk that I thought were memorably enough to write down:

If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.

All kids have tremendous talents and we squander them ruthlessly.

We are educating children out of their creativity.

Intelligence is
– diverse
– dynamic
– distinct

Check it out – you’ll be glad you did.

(By the way, I recommend you download the presentation rather than watch the streaming version. The streaming version paused numerous times for re-buffering … which does not lend itself to improved viewing enjoyment!)

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Credit: I saw the link to the presentation here on We Break Stuff.

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