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Emily Chang’s eHub featured Emurse a couple of days ago and I thought I’d check it out. Emurse is a new resume-building, sharing, and possibly, job-finding site that is currently in public beta.

Emurse, of course, is an anagram for resume, and, as the site tells you when you visit, “emurse means resume, improved.”

Emurse helps you build a resume with a nice web 2-ish interface:

It doesn’t, however, give you any tips on the ingredients of a great resume, or on what kind of resume to create for which kinds of jobs. Basically, you select a section, click Add, and enter your text.

The service was easy, but frankly, I don’t think it really lent itself to creating a powerful resume as much as it might to extracting structure data from a resume … which can then, presumably, be used in interesting ways to exchange data with major employment sites, or to match you up with jobs from the Indeed job search engine:

Also, once you’ve created a resume, you can send it out directly from Emurse, keeping track of where you send it, and the result. That’s fairly interesting for job seekers, I would think, though only for a very limited time (unless, of course, you’re unemployed for months and months and months).

The site is simple and easy to use, but the real question is: are any employers looking at it? Or are they making the right moves to integrated with the major employment sites. There is some mention of a sync feature that would synchronize your resumes across a variety of sites, but it does not seem to be in the beta.

In any case, here am I on Emurse.

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  • *Excellent* feedback.

    We’re working to bring a lot more “expert tips” online soon to help with filling out things. We’re also exploring various methods for delivering real life examples for each section — hopefully, we can come up with something that maintains the simplicity of the site while greatly helping people with the content of their resume. That would be the ultimate, I think.

    We’ve been waiting to get to a larger size before turning on our HR search functionality. We’re also trying to make sure we maintain a sense of privacy for the folks who don’t want to be found. A large focus of emurse is that the job hunt is an ongoing thing, not about whether or not your actively looking. Unfortunately, some employers feel that if you’re found on a search engine, that means your looking. So, it’s important to us to have a way for users to opt out of the search, hide personal information, and things like that.

    We’re just getting started, and it sure has been exciting. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue iterating on what I think is a really great initial release.

    Thanks again for the feedback, and feel free to drop me a line anytime!

    Alex Rudloff