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Just a few days ago I talked about CoComment and regretted that tracking your comments across all the blogs that you follow is so difficult.

Basically, what I was looking for was a way to track my comments without doing anything. Anything extra that is, besides posting the comment. I don’t want to book mark it, I don’t want to tag it (in most cases), I don’t want to RSS track it: I just want one place that keeps a complete record of all the comments that I post on sites all over the internet.

Fortunately Stephanie Booth, who works at CoComment, saw my post, investigated, and found a solution.

There’s a CoComment plugin for Flock … which will essentially track your comments and archive them at CoComment (here’s my conversations; yours will be somewhere else). Very simple, very easy, very quick, very effortless … as in no extra effort.

I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. I feel so good, in fact that I’ve integrated CoComment into this blog as well. Here are the instructions. According to CoComment, this:

  • Ensures that titles and urls are correctly detected
  • Enables all comments to be tracked
  • Does not depend on your visitors using a bookmarklet or browser extension

If you want to integrate CoComment on your blog – and it’s a good, neighborly, net-citizen-in-good-standing kind of thing to do – don’t get frightened by the wall of explanatory text on the instructions page.

Just scroll right down to the examples. Chances are good they have a ready-made example for your blogging platform of choice, and you can just copy and paste what you need.

I started with their generic code and was poking through my WordPress install to ensure I had all the right bits of PHP code and variables … and then saw the example, which had everything correctly configured right out of the box.

It’ll save you a couple of minutes.

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  • Thanks, Stephanie.

    I just noticed some problems today, however: with CoComment installed in Flock, my comments on blogs (this one, as well as Digg) would go to CoComment, but the submit button on the actual blog seemed to be subverted … and the comment didn’t actually get posted.

    I had to disable the plugin for now … 🙁