Seriously out of touch 2.0

Was checking out Steve Poland‘s new Web 2.0 For Sale website after seeing it mentioned on Techcrunch.

Great idea, but the low price ($10 for a month’s worth of listing) seriously negatively impacts quality.

Right now there’s mostly lousy domain names for sale and out-of-touch naifs trying to sell unknown and unsuccessful social bookmarking sites for $2,000,000. I quote: “there’s two of us – we want $1 millions each.” Uhuh. That sounds likely.

Listings should be something like $100/month. Quality would go up.

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  • According to steve poland “ideas are worthless unless acted upon on” well… lookin at his pathetic web 2.0 ( newbies gone crazy 2.0 ) web site, clearly some ideas are worthless no matter what you do to them.