Today I passed the 100,000 mark: Akismet has protected me from over 100,000 comment spams.


Without Akismet, I think it’s fairly safe to say that there would be no comments enabled on this blog.

And that would suck.

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  • I have already seen it on other blogs. I got the same Technorati feed “comment spam” for this and the other blog. Well, my blog got not spammed so much as yours got. 🙂 And since 18th March, 2007 I have no more trackback and comment spam in my queue… :mrgreen:

    How I made this? Hmmm, I have added hidden, forbidden fields to the comment form. Once they got filled out the comment got blocked before it enteres the database. A legimate commenter will probably not see it because his browser can handle JavaScript and/or frames.

    I used three methods of hiding the forbidden field away: noscript, noframes and a div-tag with style=”display:hidden”.

    You may want to try it out your blog, too. It is easy! 🙂 Please try some “fancy” names for the fields like “homepage_url”, “user_email”. Most spammers are to stupid to setup their bots. So the bots will fill an email address in “user_email” and a homepage URL in “homepage_url”. Once the bot did it you can easily ban his IP number on your blog. 🙂

    Hope, this helps a little. 😉

  • Dang John, that is a LOT of spam my friend. I’m glad you have your comments turned on, and that you offer a lot of great things to read here. Mucho appreciated, and congrats on passing this milestone. Perhaps some other breakfast meat is in order, like say, Canadian bacon? 🙂

  • pretty good, spam seems to be everywhere nowadays i get spam on my stuff as weII on many pIaces such as myspace, but i think spam fiItering technoIogy is becoming very good i personaIIy like the idea of approving comments before they are pubIished which i think is the best way to go about it but of course there are times when better methods are needed in order to have a dynamic web site. but in the end i dont think anyone can win the battIe because there wiII aIways be people who use manual ways to post stuff as comments shameIessIy advertising their stuff.
    i think googIe recentIy announced they have a new method to avoid these things in which case you place a “nofoIIow” tag into Iinks posted on a web site and they wiII no Ionger gain popuIarity for having connection with a web site.