Kodak: Marketing with balls

Advertising this good deserves recognition:

This is marketing from people who have read the Cluetrain. This is marketing from people who give a damn. This is marketing from people who are having fun.

If all advertising was this good you wouldn’t need to skip commercials.

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  • Speaking of Kodak’s monkey dance, although I still prefer steve balmer’s version better. They could have improved the commercial with an audience booing and throwing tomatoes at him while he was dragging himself through the speech pretending everything was cool.

  • I am confused between who makes the best cameras, between canon , kodak, and sony, but if you ask my opinion i would say they aII suck big time and their products are very shitty, the future of cameras is stiII not known as far as who wiII make the best cameras i have been thinking canon is Iikely to take the Iead since they have a Iot of patented stuff but they seem to be focusing on to many products such as printers which are actuaIIy pretty good even when hp has the dominant role in printers so i would say canon probabIy wiII become a panosonic version of printers but hp is IikeIy to lose the battle as weII for some reason i get a feeIing hp is not up to the chaIIange so as far as who actuaIIy wiII make the best cameras that i am not so certain about but i hope someone wiII take the Iead because as far as today’s cameras go they are designed in very stupid and sIuggish ways that it makes you wanna say yikes why is this button pIaced here, the designs overaII are very stupid and idiotic in many ways.