Madonna, Scientology, and blissful ignorance

Poor, misunderstood, and abused pop star Madonna is telling people to lay off Tom Cruise for being a Scientologist. As she says …

“We’re both in the take-a-lot-of-s— club together,” Madonna tells Rolling Stone magazine in its new issue. “I don’t really know what Scientology is, and because I don’t know, I’m not in a position to have an opinion about it. But I don’t think anybody else knows, either.”

She doesn’t think that anyone else knows? What?!? I don’t think Madonna is stupid, but that is not an intelligent statement. Very frankly, it’s an ignorant statement.

There’s enough on the web that a simple web search will turn up that is credible, well-substantiated, clear … and not too complimentary of Scientology. Only those who are willfully ignorant or intellectually lazy don’t know that.

I’ve posted on Scientology before:
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And just the other day, I saw this article by Mark Ebner, writing for a major publication, and reposted here.

It includes a quote by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology:

“If you really want to enslave people,
tell them that you’re going to give them total