Running list: Apple iPhone lawsuits

Apple is getting its ass sued off over the iPhone.I’d like to write a scathing critique of modern idiots who buy things they haven’t researched and then blame others for their idiocy, and an equally damning tirade against companies that produce nothing, add nothing, and do nothing but think up obvious ideas, patent them, and then suck blood out of other companies … but I just can’t sum up the energy.Instead, I’m going to list all the Apple iPhone lawsuits I can think of … and ask you to add any others in the comments.

  1. Battery lawsuitsApparently, there’s three of them now. 
  2. Roaming feesI agree, roaming fees suck … 
  3. Keyboard patentSome guy dreamed up something, and now he owns it forever? Interesting. Even more interesting, because he’s currently in jail for fraud! 
  4. CiscoOK, this one’s over … but Cisco did file a lawsuit over the iPhone name 
  5. Any more? I’m sure it’s just a matter of time …

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  • There is of course the 2nd most absurd todate, and that’s the lawsuit over the apple iPhone’s price drop.

    I’d say it’s the worst out of any because it’s the one with the absolte least merit what-so-ever.

    Cisco genuinily did have the name “Iphone” well before apple ever dreamed it up (could have samed them some trouble and called it the “Apple Phone” and I don’t think anyone would have cared.)

    The battery – Okay, I can at least UNDERSTAND this one as the iPhone is the ONLY cell that does not have a swappable battery, however that’s something to fix in the next generation of iphone, nothing to sue over (it’s not like they said it was user replacable at any time… did they?)

    but now Appleites are suing over….. ROAMING CHARGINGS?!

    why sue Apple? Cingular’s the carrier! @_@;;

    I think sometimes, people are just, plain, dumb.