The iPhone comes to Canada … well, sorta

Well, I just made my first iPhone call.That’s no biggie to hundreds of thousands of people in the US, of course, but the iPhone has not yet been released in Canada.Mike Skovgaard, a buddy at work, has been buying them in the US and taking them up to Canada to unlock them to work with the Rogers and Fido cell networks. He’s already done it with a few, and showed me his latest. Apparently, Mike was only the third person in Canada to unlock the iPhone.So, review in one paragraph or less? Awesome. Cover flow is great, voice quality is excellent, phone usability is amazing, photos are really cool, Google Maps is incredible, etc. etc. Everything just works, and everything just works the way you think it ought to work.Love it, can’t wait for it to “officially” come to Canada.


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  • My brother has a vacation home on Georgian Bay, his iPhone made the trip to Canada in July – the result, a $3000 bill from ATT, Ouch! Needless to say, he was a little bit more than upset, especially since he has had a plan with Cingular for more than 3 years that included free roaming in Canada.

    ATTs answer, they could “now” switch him over to an international data plan and since $3000 is a lot of money for anybody to pay in one month, they were nice enough to offer him a payment plan…… he is still working/complaining to ATT. It will be interesting to see how they handle this issue, I’ve now seen several instances of surprised subscribers receiving enormous bills.

    You think ATT could figure out a way to send a text message to users when they see the data charges going through the roof, helping to avoid these insane charges and ultimately the poor customer expereince.

    I hope Rogers can put together a better plan for when the iPhone “comes” to Canada.

  • iPhone Kinda in Canada…

    My ex-boss made his first iPhone call, and talks a bit about how the > bizhack” href=””>The iPhone came to……