MySpace: buggier than Windows ME?

It’s official – the most commented-on post at bizhack is GottaLoveMySpaceErrorMessages.

(If you’ve been on MySpace at all, you’ll grok the reason for the intercaps in that blog post title.)

One post, almost 4 months ago, and almost 40 comments. That’s a lot for a medium-to-low traffic blog. But the most interesting thing is that comments are still being added.

I wrote the post after noticing serious bugginess around creating a MySpace account – specifically around entering a Canadian postal code – and people are still noticing the errors today. However, check out Laura’s solution:

Ok this was really weird, I actually typed in 6 random numbers instead of my real postal code and it worked.


This is the site that a hundred million people belong to. This is the site that was sold for the better part of a billion dollars.

If anyone ever tells you that success doesn’t contain an absolutely huge portion of blind helpless luck and mostly meaningless happenstance, refer them to MySpace.

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