More San Antonio architecture

San Antonio has some wonderful architecture, as I’ve previously posted. Here’s another taste.

They seem to like adding funky little additions to existing buildings:


Another one. Perhaps they’re even built at the same time as the main building – but they sure add some flavor to the design.


Lots of pattern and similarity in this government building near the Tower of the Americas and the new courthouse. Not much differentiation, though.


A 15-20 metre high sculpture in downtown San Diego near the convention centre. Labeled Friendship or something like that. I took this shot from directly underneath it, in the middle of its two legs.


Smaller buildings have their own flavor. This one might be boring and staid under the covers, but has been wrapped in living beauty:


More designed than architected, this little cafe just jumps out of the background:


San Antonio knows how to present itself after dark better than most cities. Here’s one of the towers of the old courthouse, near the Riverwalk.


Arguably the most beautiful of all San Antonio buildings at night – the 275-year-old San Fernando cathedral, just across from the old courthouse. Beautiful!