Micro-consulting via NFT: announcing the exclusive access John Koetsier NFT

I have minted an NFT. (OK, full disclosure, I’ve done a few of them.)

But now, I have minted a specific NFT. A special NFT. An NFT that is not just crappy art from a wanna-be crypto bro (I hope!) but an NFT that actually does something in addition to being crappy art. (You know … in the spirit of being honest.)

I get a ton of inbound email all the time from people who want a piece of me. Part of that is simple requests for information, part of that is can-I-buy-you-a-cup-of-coffee, much of that is I-would-like-to-pick-your-brain, and some of that is pitches. I simply can’t manage it all, and my consulting is typically done over a long period of time with just a few clients.

So I’ve created a personal Slack channel.

Access is gated via NFT.

You buy the NFT, I email you an access URL, you get in. We chat from time to time. You get responses instead of dead air. Sometimes you get insights. Sometimes it will be valuable. Sometimes (we’re being honest, right?) it won’t. But you’ll know right away. And you’ll be able to use your access repeatedly.

Within reason, of course. You can’t expect to buy my exclusive access NFT and monopolize my time. I reserve the bulk of my time for major clients who pay significant fees, naturally. But you get a chance to step in and get quick hits of insight. Also: if you’re a PR rep, don’t expect to buy my NFT, pitch me a story, and get guaranteed coverage. That is not how this works. That’s unethical; I don’t do pay for play.

NFTs have been a polarizing space.

Gary Vaynerchuk comes in, scrawls some awful art on a napkin, and sells it for hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s easy to criticize. It’s easy to call it just the latest tulip bulb craze, part of the crypto bubble that is about to burst. I get it. I feel it. I understand that sentiment, and I share large portions of it. However, I do think there’s room in the NFT tent for practical uses that include ideas like fractional ownership and digital tickets and monetizing time and enabling access.

And I’m willing to give it a shot.

So … if you’d like to get into my private Slack channel, if you’d like a bit of insight here and there, and maybe if you’d like to support what I do with the TechFirst podcast, here’s a tangible way to make that happen.

A little bit of begging for pre-forgiveness: the invite to the Slack channel is not automated. So give me some time to get the invite out. And: I don’t intend the Slack channel to be high-volume. I intend for it to be zero volume, with all the value in private one-on-one chats.

So yeah: no social club.

No additional source of noise in your life.

Just simple, quick, bite-sized chunks of my opinion to your ears. Get it here: