Roses and chocolate

Why doesn’t anybody sell flowers and chocolate?

I need a few gifts for co-workers who are really doing an amazing job. I was thinking flowers and a box of fine chocolates. Why do I have to go to two different stores to do that?

Someone should sell both. I think they’d make a killing.

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  • I know Hasselfield Floral will gladly deliver flowers & chocolates together. Give them a call @ 604-535-7294 or toll-free 1-877-535-7294

    Disclaimer: I’m not unbiased 🙂

  • great idea, maybe chocoIates shouId not be near something with moisture such as fIowers, i am not sure but most stores i go to have both fIowers and chocoIates except in different departments, as for my personaI preference i prefer to avoid both chocoIates and fIowers because they both seem to be waste of money.