Best customer service story of the past year

My wife and I recently took the kids to Osoyoos, a vacation spot in British Columbia, Canada. Being a generous guy, when we returned home, I left a little gift: my cell phone charger.

(How many chargers end up in hotels? I know I’ve left two or three. It could probably be a fairly profitable sideline for someone: eBaying lost chargers left in hotels.)

I didn’t even bother to contact the hotel – thinking it would be unlikely in the extreme that they’d be able to find it, connect it to my request, and send it out. A colleague who just got a new phone bailed me out, giving me his old charger.

But yesterday what was in the mail? My charger. Unasked for, unrequested, already written off. Wow.

That’s my best customer experience story in the past year. Time for a little self-reflection, perhaps: I wonder if I provide as good customer service to my clients.

. . .
. . .

(Note: I can’t find a website for the hotel. It’s Sun Beach (not the actual hotel site), and my family’s been going there for over 30 years. It’s almost unchanged in all that time – which has its disadvantages – but it’s still great for kids.)

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