In-your-face web nasties

Saw these over the past few days and had to post them in order to cool my blood:

Click or die advertising:
You will see our ad. You will click our ad. And we will monetize your eyeballs whether you like it or not.

Get lost loser subscription policy:
We don’t know you. We don’t like you. We don’t care about you unless you subscribe. Loser!

Great campaigns, Silicon Valley Sleuth and Pocket-lint. Wish you guys lots of success with that.


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  • Yep, nothin’ burns my butt like intrusive ads that you HAVE to click on to get them out of the way. Probably one of the best reasons to hope and A.I. assistant can clear these out before I have to see them!

    I wish there was a blacklist we could start… (grump, grump, grump)

  • I apologize. I know that it’s a lame excuse, but I have no control over the ads that appear on the Silicon Valley Sleuth blog – the ads are put there by the sales department from VNU. If I had any control over it, it wouldn’t happen.